About us

For decades our company has served the care and need of expatriates living and working in Thailand. We provided services to countless international companies and organizations throughout the years.

The company was founded in 1953 as Rosemary Reality and was the first realtor in Thailand. It was then passed on to the founder's daughter, Khun Metta Manorunchakul, hence the new name Metta Real Estate Group Company Limited. Over the years of our vibrant operation we have adapted and refined the services, and at the same time, brought over the tradition that we were best known for, best human relations. With expertise, our energetic team promises to provide every customer with sincere appreciation of their needs and requirements while also respecting the time constraint of current lifestyles.

We will assist you on the transaction of all types of properties and present you with the right counsel when needed. Metta Real Estate Group is here to stay.